Technology Turtles… What Are They?

The Keller Williams Advantage Realty Group has a lot of technology for their real estate agents to use and learn. There are some who feel they are not ‘tech savvy’, but what does ‘tech savvy’ mean? Does it mean that you know everything about technology? Does it mean that you are proficient in using technology?


The Technology Turtles program at the Keller Williams Advantage Realty Group define ‘tech savvy’ as being comfortable using the technology that is available to them on a daily basis. The Technology Turtles are learning the ins and outs of every day technology such as Facebook, YouTube, business Marketing, and Microsoft Publisher.


As these real estate agents learn the basics of what these technologies are used for and how to set up their accounts, they can begin to share their knowledge with other real estate agents. By learning all about the technology that is available, real estate agents will begin to grow both their online presence and their business at the same time!


As the world shrinks and becomes accessable by the click of a finger, we want to make sure our real estate agents are leading the technology charge.


If you are interested in learning more about Technology Turtles, please connect with us through Facebook!


Media Contact: Portia Springer

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About paspringer3

I am the Marketing Director at Lisa Southern Real Estate. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's of Arts in English: Literature. I am passionate about technology and teaching others how to utilize technology in their business.

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