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How to Use Facebook in Your Business


Facebook is a major way to stay in touch with your past clients, friends, and sphere. It’s also a great way to show your network that you are a person, have a family, and run a business. A common misconception is that Facebook is for selling, but it is actually meant for friendship and sharing, so be a personality, not a salesperson, when you post or update your status.


  1. Do share personal tidbits about your life. Let people know you have interests outside of real estate. But not even your mother wants to know what you ate for breakfast—unless it was something really memorable.
  2. Do visit the pages of your clients and friends, and “like” their posts. Then follow up with a phone call or note that shows you actually care.
  3. Do be genuine. Post items that you are truly passionate about.
  4.   Do make your personal profile somewhat public. Your personal profile will come up higher in online search results than your business page. Set at least half of your items to “public” through the privacy controls so potential clients can actually learn a little about you.
  5. Do group your friends into lists. A “Local Folks” list can receive your invitations to local events. A “Clients” list enables you to check in with them easily.
  6. Don’t post virtual tours on your personal profile. Just don’t.
  7. Don’t auto-post from a third party. Your page will look like it’s run by a robot.
  8. Don’t self-promote. It’s as much of a turnoff on Facebook as it is in person.
  9.  Don’t post negative comments about people. It tells others that you might talk about them that way.
  10. Don’t forget to log in daily.  To be successful, consistency is key.


Remember that Facebook can be used to promote your business, but ultimately, you are in the business of creating and maintaining relationships. In a relationship, it is important to talk about what you are passionate about, and ask others what they are interested in. Then listen! Find out what your friends are interested in and share articles that they might want to read about, like and comment on their posts to show that you are just as interested in them as you want them to be about you!




Your Holiday Guide to TV Shows and Shopping for 2013!

It is a gorgeous Thanksgiving morning! The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is fully underway and we are anxiously awaiting the appearance of Santa. This year, stores are opening early for Black Friday Sales, do you have your shopping planned? If not, visit The Black Friday 2013 to view all the sales and get ready to plan out a day full of shopping!

If you don’t find all the gifts that you need on Black Friday, don’t worry! You can always shop Cyber Monday! Get deals online and have your gifts shipped to your front door in time for the holidays! To see all these amazing online deals, visit Cyber Monday 2013 today!

No matter where you live, it is important to make sure you are in the Holiday Spirit! The best way to get into the Holiday Spirit, here is a guide to all of your favorite Holiday Movies and shows!

From everyone here at Technology Turtles, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and a fabulous Holiday Season!


Happy Holidays LIghts