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Pitch vs. Positioning… How It Grows Your Business To Know the Difference

If you’re a salesperson, you’re likely quite familiar with the idea of an “elevator pitch”. It’s a simple concept, really, whose general idea is to prepare you to succinctly–and with punch–answer the question, “What do you do?”

In my career, and very likely yours, having a good, well-thought-out answer to that question has led to new business. Having a great elevator pitch is a key component to making a business successful. But one thing that an elevator pitch is NOT is a positioning statement. They are very different and, quite often, they’re things that many salespeople confuse. Knowing the differences and how to use each to their greatest strengths can make all the difference in the growth of your business.

An elevator pitch tells people what you do. A positioning statement tells them why they should do it with you.

It’s a subtle difference, but that difference is a critical part of the sales process. When used properly, an effective positioning statement does far more than help you make a sale; it puts you forever in the mind of the person to whom you communicate it.

An effective positioning statement tells your prospect why you are uniquely qualified to serve them. In industries like real estate, insurance, and banking, where the consumer has difficulty identifying (or even understanding) the differences between you and your competitor, an effective positioning statement not only helps them choose you, but it actively defends you from your competitors.

For example, if someone asks me what I do at Keller Williams Realty, I say:

I handle all of the technology systems that our agents use to grow their business.

While this tells them what I do, and usually invites follow up questions too, it doesn’t give them a real indication of how I am uniquely qualified to help them. This is an elevator pitch; it is not a positioning statement.

When I further explain that I’m a serial ladder climber, that I started my career at the Front Desk answering phones, and that I’ve learned how to quickly build and nurture relationships, I start to get a little closer, but I still haven’t given them anything special. There are millions of people climbing the proverbial ladder, after all, and everyone knows the importance of building and maintaining relationships.

But when I tell them that I work for the number one real estate company in East Orlando, and Keller Williams is the number one franchise in North America, I start to carve out a little space in their brains. I cease to be just “that blonde girl” who might be able to help them and become someone with a proven track record of success.

When I go on to tell them that our offices have grown our sold units by 147% from last year, and our sold volume by 185%, they start to imagine what results I can produce for them.

Still, that’s not enough. If I want to stand out in their minds, I’ve got to give them a little more. It’s nice that I’ve caught their attention and it’s good that they’ve started to see me as a unique individual, but to make a lasting impact, I’ve got to put it all together in a way that’s truly memorable.

That’s why I say, “Using technology isn’t a challenge today. There are countless companies that have technology at their fingertips. Keller Williams Realty is different because we’ve developed a unique system that has all of the technology that you need to run your business all in one spot, and we have the staff support to help you every step of the way.”

So, let’s review.

First, I’ve stated that I handle all of the technology systems that our agents use to grow their business.

Then, I tell them something unique and memorable about me–something that’s relevant to my capacity to serve them.

Of course many companies have technology at their fingertips, how many can say that they have it all in one place and have the staff support to help you with that technology? It’s my experience that makes me different. You should know that I’m a serial ladder climber and that everything we do at Keller Williams Advantage Group is influenced by that experience. I know that our customers need results, and they need them right away. Keller Williams Realty is uniquely positioned to help them achieve those results.”

Finally, I connect that to what it means for them.

This is important; because it’s my technology experience that has allowed us to train our agents and give constant support that has resulted in almost  thirty-three million dollars in sales last month our agents. It’s why we are number one in East Orlando, and Keller WIlliams is number one in North America.”

Telling people what I do gets their attention. But it’s the positioning statement that earns their confidence and their business. And it’s the thing that makes all the difference.


Elevator Pitch


How to get on page one of search results

In a world of mass media, where information is just a few clicks away, when a person wants to know something, they don’t always ask the experts. They sit down in front of Google and star their search with “How to”. In a matter of milliseconds, thousands of results pop up with the information that they are looking for.

As a member of the United States Work Force, you have the unique ability to call yourself an expert in the field that you work. As an expert, you want to make sure that you are on the first page of search results, so that you can share your information with anyone who is interested in learning more about your field.

How To posts are ways to share your expertise and knowledge with potential clients. You can make any of your How To posts local by adding your city or neighborhood to the title and add local statistics when available. When thinking about topics for your How To posts, think about what you yourself would type into Google and create posts from those questions. Make sure you think about what kinds of questions your target audience is searching for. Always link back to your website and give the reader a way to contact you for further information.

When looking through Google Analytics it is amazing how many hits How To posts receive every month. What is even more astounding is that most of these How To posts were written years ago! Do yourself and your business a favor and take time to write some How To posts. You will gain business from these How To posts for years to come!

How to wow your seller – The 5th spot out of 3,750,000 results.

how to wow your seller

How to get rid of dandelions naturally – Written 5 years ago and received over 1,700 hits last month alone.

How to get rid of Dandelions naturally



The Keller Williams Advantage Group is located in Orlando, FL and has more than 325 agents. For more information about joining one of the Keller Williams Advantage Group market centers, please visit us on the web.

Technology Turtles: Setting up your eEdge Website

Today we had a packed a house at the Keller Williams Lake Nona office while learning how to set up the eEdge website. The eEdge website is specially designed as a lead capture website for real estate agents. Home buyers and sellers land on their website and as long as you have your website set up properly, right on the front page, there is more than enough information on the current Real Estate Market.


In order to ensure that your eEdge website is working for your real estate business, make sure these 5 items are set up:


  1. Put the This Month in Real Estate Video on your home page so home buyers and sellers can get accurate information on how the real estate market is doing. This video gives vital statistics such as the average home price and the current average mortgage rate.
  2. Set up your IDX Link so home buyers can see properties that are currently on the market and sellers can find out what their home is really worth in today’s real estate market.
  3. Add your Communities Served so home buyers can quickly look at properties in specific neighborhoods.
  4. Select the Listing Search Fields which will allow home buyers to search for homes that have their specific must haves.
  5. Set up your Alerts so you get notified as soon as a potential buyer or seller registers on your website so you can call them right away.


Setting up eEdge Website video



The Keller Williams Advantage Group is located in Orlando, FL and has more than 325 agents. For more information about joining one of the Keller Williams Advantage Group market centers, please visit us on the web.

Is your website optimized for Seller Leads?

When the inventory is at an all time low, it is important to make sure your website is ready to give potential sellers the information they need to make an informed decision on selling their home with you as their real estate agent.


Here are some tips:

  1. Offer a prominent “Find Your Home’s Value” Button to the page
  2.  Add video explaining the marketing you do for a listing and even offer a property walk through video for each current listing on your page
  3.  Home Sold Guarantee- Offer a guarantee to sell in X number of days
  4.  Short sale analysis tool



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Save the Date! Technology Training for May!

All of the technology in the world can’t help you if you don’t know how to use it. Keller Williams Realty works hard to empower its agents to become masters of the technologies that power their business, providing specialized training programs, and making expert advisors available on a regular basis. Portia Springer, the Director of Marketing Technology will teach two technology classes this month that are available to anyone who is interested in building their online business.
This month, we have two Technology Turtles classes on the calendar. Anyone is welcome to attend either class!

Blogging 101The first class will be held on May 16th at 1:00pm in the Keller Williams Oviedo Market Center. We will be learning about Blogs and answering the following questions:

  • Why should I blog?
  • What type of blog should I have?
  • What should I blog about?
  • How often should I blog?
  • How can blogging affect my business?


Make sure to bring your computers as we will be setting up your blog, and creating your first post!


build your WebsiteThe second Technology Turtle class will be held on May 24th at 11:30am in the Keller Williams Lake Nona Market Center. This class will walk you through how to set up your eEdge website. We will be ansering the following questions:

  • What is the difference between the eEdge and eAgentC websites?
  • Why should I use the eEdge website?
  • What type of content should I put on my eEdge website?
  • How do I update my eEdge website?


Make sure to bring yoru computers as you will walk away with a fully functional website for your business!

What Are You Saying Online That Will Make Them NOT Trust You?

At one time, consumers decided who to do business with based on the number of options and the availablility of information about that person or company. If you were dominant in your local market through advertising, you had a high chance of being top of mind when the consumer was ready to buy or sell.

Today, things are much different. Consumers have unlimited access to educational resources and information on every topic, product and service that they can possibly think of. Now, before a consumer decides to use you, they ‘Google’ your name to find out more about you, or they ‘Google’ your competitors so they can make an informed decision. Based off the information that consumers find on the internet, they decide to trust you, believe your advertisements, buy into your online marketing, or they decide to use your competition. The most important thing you have you ask yourself is “How am I earning the trust of consumers online?”

The decision to hire a person or company depends less on the availability of options and more on the degree of perceived or actual trust that is earned during the shopping or research stages of the buying process. The April 2012 Nielsen report Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages tells a very clear story about which forms of advertising are considered trustworthy and which are not.

Respondents were presented with a list of advertising media and asked to rate their level of trust as either “Trust Completely/Somewhat” or “Don’t Trust Much/At All.” Let’s take a look at the top five most trustworthy forms of advertising and promotion:

  1. Recommendations from people I know (92 percent of respondents said they trust these endorsements).
  2. Consumer opinions posted online (70 percent)
  3. Editorial content such as newspaper articles (58 percent)
  4. Branded Web sites (50 percent)
  5. E-mails I signed up for (47 percent)

Now, let’s analyze how to apply this knowledge to boost your trustability online.

1. Recommendations from people I know

Utilizing your database has always been the best way to grow your business, because these are referrals that know and trust you, and in turn they are trusted by people who know them. Ultimately, getting these recommendations involves a simple two-step process:

1. Do a good job for your clients.

2. When the transaction is over, ask them to refer people they know to you.

It’s amazing that more real estate professionals don’t do this. While you’re asking them to spread the word, see if they’d be willing to share their positive comments online, either in a text testimonial or a promotional video.

As we learned in our last class, the best time to ask for these glowing testimonials is at the closing table. What better time than right after you have handed your clients the keys to their brand new home. It’s a simple question, “Do you mind sharing your experience with me?” Then grab your iPhone, video camera or even use your webcam to video a 30 second video of your client raving about you.  Once you have your video, post it to the world, on your YouTube page, on your Blog and even on your Facebook Page!

2. Consumer opinions posted online

Answering questions and comments on your Web site and answering questions on other consumer-focused sites is a fantastic, free opportunity for you to show your expertise and experience. Great resources for this strategy are Advice, Voices, Q&A and a Zopim live chat on your website.

By having your name attached to an informed and reliable answer to a question, you are more likely to earn the trust of consumers who also have that same question. The more questions you answer, the more name recognition you will receive, and the better chance that consumers will begin to talk about you to their friends.

By having a Live Chat option on your website (such as Zopim), it gives the consumer the option to ask a ‘real, live person’ their question and they will get a response while they are still thinking about real estate. The more you are available for live chat, the more visitors to your website will trust you.

Best practice on these forums is to openly share your experience. You will see many of your competitors using these services to troll for leads by responding to questions with answers like this one from Q&A. It took me all of 30 seconds to find this response to a consumer’s question:

“Hi Mitch,

I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have; feel free to contact me directly.”

PS: Don’t be this guy. You want to actually answer the question that was asked, that way, everyone who visits this question, will be able to see that you not only have the answer, but can be relied on to share that answer.

3. Editorial content such as newspaper articles

Reach out to the local newspapers and circulars in your neighborhood and offer to provide advice, information, and market statistics about your local area. These contributions need to be completely consumer-centric and not an advertisement for you or your company. So make sure that what you have to offer is relevant information. Make sure that you come across as the expert so people will want to call you when they next have a question on Real Estate.

Newspapers will not publish you if they feel like you’re only out for yourself. You will find the return on investment for this strategy will pay off in multiples if you approach it as an educator and consumer advocate. You can simply republish articles you’re already writing for your own Web site or blog, as this should be your approach to your own blog as well.

4. Branded Web sites

Similar to the strategy above, if you consistently publish answers to the questions that consumers have about your area of expertise on your Web site, you will earn their trust and — if Nielsen is right — you’ll have a 50-50 shot at earning your reader’s trust.

By becoming the local expert, you are proving that you not only work in the area, but also live there. Remember that posts about local life can include topics such as; great local restaurants, new movies at the local theater, photos of local events that you attended and much more.

5. E-mails I signed up for

Never underestimate the value of building an opt-in list of people who trust your message. Give consumers the ability to “stay informed” through e-mail after they leave your Web site, visit your open house, or read your articles.

The strategy I use on my site is to send a weekly e-mail of the articles I wrote during the previous week. This not only helps hold me accountable for writing at least a couple of articles a week but also allows the reader to get to know me through my posts. I find consumers from my opt-in e-mail list who call me about have already made the decision to do business with me.

Most of the strategies I detailed above focus on online consumers, but offering to keep folks up-to-date and informed is just as effective when meeting with buyers or sellers in person. If you are focused on the big picture, you will recognize that all trust-generating strategies can be woven together to produce consistent, long-term results for you and your business for years to come.

Be trustworthy, and they will come.



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Building Trust

Technology Turtles – Facebook Business Pages

The Keller Williams Advantage Realty Group kicked off their new Technology Turtles program with a class on Creating a Facebook Business Page. Each Technology Turtles class will be recorded and posted on their YouTube page in an attempt to create an archive of training that is open to the public.




MEDIA CONTACT: Portia Springer

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Facebook business page

Technology Turtles… What Are They?

The Keller Williams Advantage Realty Group has a lot of technology for their real estate agents to use and learn. There are some who feel they are not ‘tech savvy’, but what does ‘tech savvy’ mean? Does it mean that you know everything about technology? Does it mean that you are proficient in using technology?


The Technology Turtles program at the Keller Williams Advantage Realty Group define ‘tech savvy’ as being comfortable using the technology that is available to them on a daily basis. The Technology Turtles are learning the ins and outs of every day technology such as Facebook, YouTube, business Marketing, and Microsoft Publisher.


As these real estate agents learn the basics of what these technologies are used for and how to set up their accounts, they can begin to share their knowledge with other real estate agents. By learning all about the technology that is available, real estate agents will begin to grow both their online presence and their business at the same time!


As the world shrinks and becomes accessable by the click of a finger, we want to make sure our real estate agents are leading the technology charge.


If you are interested in learning more about Technology Turtles, please connect with us through Facebook!


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